Hello world! (again)

This is my 3rd attempt to start a blog. Sarah Allen of Ultrasaurus was kind enough to give me a kick in the pants after this weekend’s RoR workshop.

It’s taken three tries because I suffer from the knowledge that, in this day and age, anything I might choose to say has already been said, and you, gentle reader, can google it. Nevertheless, I will proceed, daunted but unbowed. Here’s what I want to write about this week:

  • The RoR Outreach Workshop for women, where I met the aforementioned Sarah (and the other Sarah)
  • The transition our team made from Scrum to Kanban over the past 2 months
  • How I search… because I do it better than you. (Well, maybe not *you* if you found this blog. But better than most people.)
  • My apple pie recipe.

That seems doable. We shall see, tomorrow.

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