What? This old thing??

Wow, I really haven’t kept up with my plan to blog. Topics I am crazy about right now and should write some thoughts down about: How to make collaboration work at scale – what can the corporate world learn from open source? – how to cultivate culture – healthy tension and harmony – high performing […]

OSCON live stream

I’m speaking at OSCON this year about the Railsbridge Open Workshops. If you’re there, look me up. Otherwise, here’s a live stream:

Queen’s Round

We spent some time tonight arranging the Queen’s Round from memory: Queen’s Round – download audio file

Agile Product Management in Practice

Slides from my WebVisions 2010 talk are posted on Slideshare: Agile Product Management in Practice I will try to update this sadly neglected blog with a summary of said talk sometime soon.

How to Google Just About Anything

When you boil it down, a lot of what I do for a living is search for information; competitors, new technologies, processes, shoes… well maybe not shoes.  And I’ve gotten pretty good at it, enough so that I’m often asked to google things for other people.  Here’s my best take on what I’m doing to get […]

My gift to the interwebz… Ninja Crossing Sign

I will post a serious entry about search techniques any day now. Meanwhile, somebody with decal or sticker making capabilities should make this a reality: Idea courtesy of Fi’s decision *not* to be a ninja for halloween after all.

Use Case: Bake a 1-bowl, crumble-top, apple pie

Primary Actor: User – A kitchen user. See related persona: “Mom – A thirty-something baker of pies.” Preconditions: User has access to ingredients consisting of: 9″ pie shell/crust (trader joe’s makes a good one) about a dozen apples (you can use Granny Smith if you can’t get Gravenstein, but then you need more sugar) sugar […]

Hello world! (again)

This is my 3rd attempt to start a blog. Sarah Allen of Ultrasaurus was kind enough to give me a kick in the pants after this weekend’s RoR workshop. It’s taken three tries because I suffer from the knowledge that, in this day and age, anything I might choose to say has already been said, […]